[O-E.] The dog is a carnivorous quadruped, and belongs to the same family as the fox, the wolf, and the jackal. It has long been domesticated, and is the faithful companion of man, having followed him into every part of the world. There are many varieties, which are carefully bred. They include the large and useful Eskimo, Newfoundland, and St. Bernard breeds; the various long and slender hounds, the pointer, setter, and other hunting dogs ; the alert little terrier ; the water-loving spaniel; the watchful mastiff; the fine and powerful bull-dog; the highly intelligent collie or sheep-dog, and various others.

Dog 69

Spaniel Or Spanish Dog

Handsome animals with long silky hair, drooping ears, bushy tails, and feet partly webbed. Water spaniels are good swimmers, and field-spaniels can fetch game. Blenheim and King Charles spaniels are lap-dogs.

Spitz Dog

A breed having erect ears and long silky hair, and called also Pomeranian.