[Fr., from Arab.] A ruminant animal with permanent horns in both sexes, and distinguished by the length of its legs and the remarkable length of its neck. It has points of affinity with the deer, the antelope, and the camel, and others peculiar to itself. It is the tallest animal in existence, measuring in some cases from 18 to 20 feet from the top of its head to the ground. Its home is in the woods of South Africa. Leaves of acacia trees are its chief food. It also eats green herbs, but to do this it stretches out its fore feet and bends its neck to collect the grass. Its eye is very beautiful and large, and shaded with long eyelashes. Its enemy is the lion, which watches for it when drinking on the margin of rivers and pools. It fights by kicking with its hind legs, delivering blows with great rapidity, and often wounding and driving off the lion. It is not easily overtaken even by a fast horse. It is also known as the Camelopard, (from Gr. kamelos, camel; and pardalis, leopard.)