An animal belonging to the Marsupial order of mammals, and found only in Australia, New Guinea, and the neighboring islands. Its distinguishing features are very short fore legs, which are not used for walking, remarkably long hind legs, by means of which it makes long leaps, .and a pouch in which it carries its young for a certain period after birth. The kangaroo has a long, thick, and strong tail, and when resting and feeding it supports itself on its hind legs and its tail. Kangaroos live on vegetable food, mainly grass, which they consume in large quantities, two kangaroos eating as much grass as three sheep. They are hunted in various ways, chiefly by dogs, upon which they turn and strike heavy blows with their tails. The skin is much prized, and makes a valuable leather for shoes and gloves ; and the flesh is largely eaten by the natives in Australia, and is said to be nutritious and to resemble mutton.