Cudweed, or Gnaphalium,L. a genus of plants, comprising 72 species, of which the following are the principal :

1. The Germanicum, or Common Cudweed, an annual indigenous plant, which grows in barren meadows, pastures, and roadsides; and produces yellowish flowers, which blow in the month of July or August. - This plant is desiccative, and astringent; it is said to be of great service in dysenteries and hemorrhages of every kind. A decoction of it in small beer, is frequently given by the lower class of people for quinsies, in the cure of which complaint it has been found very efficacious.

2. The Dioicum or Mountain Cudweed, or Catsfoot, grows on dry mountainous pastures in the North of England, Wales, and Cornwall; also on the Newmarket, Canham, Swaffham, and Stratton heaths, etc. Its white and purplish flowers blow in June and July. The late Dr. Gledjtsch enumerates" it among those plants, which he found useful in currying leather.

3.' The Arenarium, or Sandy ' Cudweed, a native of Germany, which grows on sandy fields and banks; and produces fine yellow flowers through the whole sum-mer. It deserves to be propagated in Britain, as the Japanese, according to Prof.Thunberg, occasionally prepare their moxa from the down with which the whole plant is covered, and smoke its leaves for common tobacco.