Curb, a chain of iron fastened to the lower part of the branches of the bridle, in a hole called the eye, and running over the horse's chin or beard. It consists of three parts ; namely, the hook fixed to the eye of the branch ; a chain of links ; and two rings or mailes. -Large round curbs are the best and most easy ; but due care should be taken to fix. them in their proper place, a little above the beard, and neither too tight nor too slack, otherwise the bit will be of little Utility.

Curb, in farriery, is a hard, callous swelling on the hinder part of the hock, attended with stiffness, and sometimes with lameness. It generally arises from hard-riding, strains, blows, or kicks ; and may at first be easily cured, by three or four times blistering the animal af-fected. If the tumor continue to indurate, the most expeditious and effectual cure will be, to fire with a thin iron, drawing several deep lines down the middle from the . top to the bottom, and then to a ply a mild blistering plaster, which will certainly remove the defect.