Epsom Salt, was formerly obtained by boding down the mineral water found in the vicinity of Epsom, ft is at present prepared from sea-water, which after being boiled down, deposits an uncrys-tallized brine, that consists chiefly of muriated magnesia, and is sold hi the shops, under the name of bitter purging salt. - It is of considerable service in colics, scurvy, rheumatism, and other chronical complaints.

EpsoM water is that saline spring, which rises at the distance of about half a mile from the town of Epsom, in the county of Surrey. It is transparent, and colourless, at first almost insipid, but a snort time after it has been drunk, it leaves a bitter, saline taste on the tongue. It does not suffer any material alteration by being exposed to the air ; and, if closely corked in clean vessels, it may be preserved for several months in a fresh and potable state.

As this water contains only a small portion of the salt, namely, from one to two scruples, in the quantity of half a pint, the patient ought to drink from two to three pints successively, within a short space of time, in order to produce the full purgative effect If taken in this dose, it will operate in a mild and efficacious manner, but if in a smaller, its action is determined to the kidnies.

Epsom water is of considerable service in a variety of disorders, namely, hypochondriasis, an impaired state of health accompanied with cedematous tumors in the extremities, and a depraved digestion} to which sedentary persons are peculiarly liable. Those who 3re af-flided with hemorrhoidal and scorbutic complaints, will be benefited by the liberal use of this saline water, which likewise affords considerable relief in obstructions of the viscera.

This mineral water is easily imitated, by dissolving half an ounce of Epsom salt in a quart of pure water, rendered somewhat acid, by the infusion a few drops of spirit of vitriol, and oil of tartar.