Fan, a well known contrivance employed chiefly by females to raise wind : cool the air by agitating it, and defending their complexion,

This kin! of toy was introduced into Britain from the East, where it is very generally used for shading the face from the sun, and guarding it against troublesome in-sects. Although the practice of fanning be san6tioned by fashion, it does not appear to be conducive to health, nor consistent with the operations of Nature; because the evaporation of perspirable matter on the human skin has a greater tendency to cool the body, than the incessant fanning, wiping, and rubbing of the face. Nevertheless, fans may be useful for affording protection against the rays of the sun, for which purpose, however, parasols will be more convenient.

Fan is also an implement of husbandry, employed for winnowing corn. - See Winnow.