Farcy, a disorder peculiar to horses, but which sometimes also affects oxen, and other cattle.

The farcy is infectious, and spreads among horses, in a manner similar to the distemper. It arises from vitiated blood, and is attended with eruptions of hard pustules.; knots, or strings along the veins, and also with ulcers; which are not easily cured.

This malady is generally ocea-sioned by sudden changes of excessive heat and cold; it may also take place when the animal is galled by rusty spurs, snuffle-bits, etc. ; or after being bitten by an infected horse.

The method of cure prescribed for this disorder, is first to fire, that is, to perforate the ulcers or parts affected with hot irons ; after which two drams of red precipitate finely ground, one ounce of Venice treacle, and as much Diapentc powder (see Horse-medicines) as will be sufficient to incorporate those ingredients, are to be made up into a bolus, and given to the animal affected. Two handfuls of rue, four ounces of the roots of madder and sharp dock, together with two ounces of guaiacum, and an equal quantity of sassafras, are then to be boiled in four pints of stale beer, till they are reduced to three ; when the infusion is to be strained oft, and administered while lukewarm. The bolus and infusion are to be repeated two or three times in the week, during which period the animal should drink only warm water : and in the course of ten days, or a fortnight, he will in general be perfectly restored.