Fleuk-Worm, or Flewk-worm, Fasciola hepatica, L. an insect, of the size and shape of a child's finger-nail : it creeps up the gall-ducts from the intestines, and, preying upon the livers of sheep, occasions coughs and consumptions in those animals.

Sheep, pasturing in moist grounds, are frequently attacked by this insect, which Dr. Darwin conjectures to arise from the bile becoming too much diluted, in consequence of their watery food ; so that it does not possess sufficient acrimony to prevent the depredations of flewk-worms.

The remedy in general prescribed, is to dissolve one ounce of salt in water; but Dr. Darwin suggests, that the salt may be used with greater advantage, if hay were moistened with the solution, which would thus supply more wholesome nourishment, than is usually given to sheep troubled with these vermin.