Fly-Blown, a term expressive of that corruption of flesh-meat, or any animal food, which is occasioned by flies depositing their eggs on its surface, where they are subsequently bred into maggots. - In the warm days of summer, meat is very liable to be thus tainted and rendered unfit for use, especially if it be kept in a close or damp place, which is not cot sufficiently ventilated. The easiest method of preventing such damage, is that of suspending the joints in a meat-safe, or a wooden frame surrounded by close wires, so that the flies may be completely excluded, and the air Still allowed to perflate the whole apparatus. An open and cool situ-ation, however, ought to be chosen for this repository. - Those families which are not provided with this useful domestic contrivance, may occasionally preserve joints of meat for several days, even in summer, by wrapping them in clean linen cloths, previously moistened with good white-wine vinegar, placing them in an earthen pan, and changing the cloth once or twice a day in warm weather. - See also Flesh-meat.