Meat, a general appellation for the flesh of animals when prepared for food..—As we have already, under the article Flesh-meat, given the most, effectual methods of preserving it in a fresh state during the summer months, and as we specify the simplest and best modes of pickling it under the heads of Beef and Pickle, we shall at present briefly state the treatment proper to be followed, in case any putrid meat has been accidentally eaten.

As soon as this unpleasant cirumstance is apprehended, or dis-covered, it will be necessary in the first place to take a brisk emetic ; the operation of which ought to be promoted by strong chamomile ; that of itself is an excellent antiseptic. The patient should, next, drink liberally of the vegetable acids; and avoid eating or drinking any matter that may tend • to press upon the organs of digestion, till the latter be restored to their natural tone and energy.