Fore-Stalling is the buying of, or bargaining for, corn, cattle, or other merchandize, in its passage to fairs, or markets, for sale, with an intent to dispose of them again at an advanced price.

The punishment for this offence, on conviction by two or more witnesses, is, for the first time, two months imprisonment, and forfeiture of the goods, or their value ; for the second, the offender incurs an imprisonment of six months, and loses double the value of the articles ; and, for the third offence, he is liable to imprisonment during the King's pleasure ; to a forfeiture of all his property ; and is to be sentenced to stand in the pillory. Severe, however, as these regulations appear, they have hitherto not been attended with the desired effect. Notwithstanding all the arguments and invectives that have been employed against this growing-evil, in printed works, and in the courts of justice, we are persuaded that it wiil never be crushed, till national councils adopt proper and effectual measures for preventing this iniquitous practice. Nay, others assert, that the root of the mischief is intimately connected with the landed interest, as well as with the numerous paper banks which infest both town and country.

Such of our readers as have leisure, or inclination, to peruse a few late tracts on this important subject, we shall refer to Mr. Girdler's "Observations on the pernicious consequences ofRegrating, Forestalling, and Ingrossing, etc. (8vo. 6s. See -ley, 1800), where they will find considerable information, blended with reflections animated by benevolence and public spirit. It is but justice to observe, that the same author has published an abridgment of his work in 12mo. price 2s.— Mr. Morris's "Short Inquiry into the nature of Monopoly and Forestalling" (8vo.1s. Cadell, 1800), contains a temperate discussion of this interesting topic. - To these we shall add Mr. Illingworth's "Inquiry into the Laws, ancient andmodern, respecting Forestalling, Regrating, and Ingrossing," etc. (8vo. 7s.Brooke, 1800),which comprehends a full investigation of the subject, according to the laws of this country; and is alike calculated to inform the lawyer, the antiquary, and those who are in search of truth.