Gargut, a distemper affect-ing all kinds of mamillary animals, especially cows when full of milk. It is occasioned by this fluid being coagulated in their bags or udder so that it becomes corrupted and breaks out, discharging a noisome and ulcerating matter. The chief cause of the injury is owing to the neglect of milking, or sucking down in proper time; but it may also arise from too high feeding. Cows and sheep, when thus affected, may be cured; because these animals are tradable, and will suffer the diseased parts to be anointed with emollient applications; remaining quiet, while their teats are gently drawn down. Instances have occurred of cows, which were, even after they had lost half their bags, recovered by the simple methods above mentioned, especially by gently squeezing out the corrupted milk from the two sound teals. But sows can seldom be cured, on account of their intractability; and their pigs will never relieve them by sucking, after they have once tasted the vitiated milk: hence they necessarily perish, in consequence of their unlimited high feeding.