Gid, a distemper to which hogs are subject. It is occasioned by their feeding too eagerly on buck-wheat, clover, or other rich succulent plants ; and is somewhat similar to the disorder in horses, called the staggers ; as the diseased hogs are affected with violent giddiness, sometimes stumbling and falling at every step; at others, sitting on their haunches, they squeak for several minutes successively, with great violence. The only remedy hitherto known for the cure of this malady is, to drive the animals about for a considerable time (as they are too intractable to be treated medically), by which' means an abundant evacuation will be promoted, and they will be effectually relieved. It is, however, neces-sary to adopt this rough treatment, as soon as any of the first symptoms appear; for, if neglected, their intestines become inflamed ; their bodies violently distended; and a painful death will be the conse-quence.