Gromwell, or Lithosper-mujn, L, a genus of perennial plants, comprising several species, the principal of which are :

1. The officinale Common Gromill, well, or Gromill,Gray-mill, orGray-millet, which grows in dry gravelly soils, and flowers in the months of May and June. - The seed of this plant affords excellent flour, which might in times of scarcity be converted into bread. From the rind of the root, a red colour may be extracted, and it is also employed in the North of Europe is an inof-fensive paint for the face, specially by country-girls. Its seeds were formerly medicinal, but possess no peculiar properties; though HaL-ler observes that the plant itself is narcotic.

2. The arvense, Corn, or Bastard Gromwell, Gromill:, or Alkanet; a. noxious weed, which is common in corn-fields, and flowers also in May and June. - The juice of the root is likewise used as a paint: its rind tinges -wax and oil of a fine red colour, similar to that which is obtained from the root of the foreign Alkanet. - Sheep and goats eat the Bastard Gromwell, but cows do not relish it; and it is totally refused by hogs and horses.