Issues, are small artificial apertures or ulcers in the muscular parts of the body, for the purpose of draining superfluous moisture, or of giving vent to some noxious humours.

Issues are usually made in the arms, legs, or back, either by caustics, or by incision. They are chiefly applied in disorders of the head, eyes, ears, teeth, etc. which are thus relieved, and frequently cured. Inveterate complaints generally require two or more issues, to produce and any considerable effect, namely,one in each arm, or on the arm and leg of one side of the body.

Artificial ulcers have been much recommended to the consumptive and asthmatic, though we doubt their efficacy when the patient's strength is already exhausted.-'They have, nevertheless, often been found useful in cases of confirmed melancholy, when placed near the spine, as the unhappy victim of that disorder can seldom be induced to take any internal remedies. The discharge from these orifices may be promoted by the application of issue pease, and by dressing them with mild blistering ointment.

In order to close an issue, it is sufficient to discontinue the pea; but in case any proud flesh should arise, it may be removed by strewing on it finely powdered loaf sugar, or burnt alum : alter which the wound will speedily heal, if it be properly dressed.