Milk-Vetch, or Astragalus, L..a genus of indigenous, perennial plants, consisting of 80 species ; the principal of which is the glycyphyl-los, Common or Sweet Miik-vetch, Liquorice-vetch, Wild-liquorice, or LiquoriceCock's-head : it grows in meadows, pastures, and on ditch-banks, where it flowers in the months of June and July.—This plant will thrive with uncommon luxuriance in poor barren soils ; and yield an abundance of tender and succulent herbage. Its culti-vation has, therefore, been strongly recommended by Dr. Anderson, who observes, that it would be an excellent winter-fodder for cattle, which devour it with avidi-ty.—Cows depastured on this plant, are said to yield an abundance of rich milk ; from which circumstance it has received its most proper English name.