Negus, a well-known compound beverage, prepared of one part of Port-wine, and two parts of water, to which is usually added a small quantity of sugar, lemon-peel, etc.

This liquor is salubrious and harmless, especially if the juice of a Seville-orange be substituted for that of lemons.—As the peel of the last mentioned fruit, however, contains a considerable quantity of highly inflammable and volatile oil, negus becomes more stimulating than pure wine, if it be used in large quantities; but, if moderately taken, it may contribute to strengthen the stomach. It should, however, be remembered, that asthmatic patients, or those who are subject to diseases of the breast, ought carefully to abstain from this and similar drink ; an indulgence in which, may be productive of the worst consequences ; as the heating oil, together with the fumes of wine, is too powerful a stimulus to their organs of breathing. Nep. See Catmint.