Perfume, generally speaking, denotes those volatile odour.-, which arise from certain substances or liquids, and stimulate the organ of smelling ; but this term more particularly alludes to the matter emitting such exhalations.

Perfumes are prepared of musk, as well as jasmines, tuberoses, and similar odoriferous flowers: they are also composed of lavender, marjoram, sage, or other aromatic herbs. These articles of refined luxury are chiefly employed by persons who conceive themselves not to be completely or fashionably dressed, without the liberal use of these drugs. Such custom, however, deserves severe animadversion; for, though the occasional use of perfumes may perhaps be justified by the laws of fashion, yet the daily practice of scenting the clothes, hands, face, etc. cannot fail to be productiive of the most injurious effects to the constitution : thus, the nervous system is debi-litated; the countenance is rendered pale and languid; and the whole train of distressing symptoms speedily follows.