Peruvian Balsam, an esteemed drug, which is obtained from the Myroxyln peruiferum, L. a native of Peru.

This balsam is of the consistence of thin honey, and of a reddish-brown colour, inclining to black : it possesses an agreeable aromatic smell, and a hot pungent taste.— Being a warm medicine, which is more acrid and heating than the Balsam of Copaiba, it is used as an ingredient in various prepara tions, and chiefly for the cure of dysenteries, asthmas, and such disorders as arise from a debilitated state of the solids.—When incorporated with the yolk of an egg, or mixed with any of the syrups, the dose is from 10 to 20 drops.— Externally, it is employed for cleansing and healing wounds or ulcers, for mitigating painful bruises on tendinous parts, as likewise in paralytic and rheumatic complaints.

There are two other species of this drug, of a white and red colour, both of which are obtained by incision from the same tree with the common or black Balsam of Peru. They possess a greater degree of fragrance, resembling that of the Balsam of Gilead, but are very seldom imported.