Pill, a form of medicine resembling a small pea, and which is designed to be swallowed entire.

Drugs that operate in minute doses, and the offensive taste or smell of which requires to be concealed from the palate, are generally converted into pills. They dissolve with great difficulty in the stomach, and are calculated to produce very gradual, and permanent efFects. Hence, such medicines as are intended to operate speedily, for instance, emetics, ought not to be taken in pills ; as these often pass through the stomach undissolved, and are decomposed in the intestines, where they prove violent purgatives. Nor should pills be adopted as a vehicle of medicines for children, whose tender organs of digestion are thus liable to be greatly injured.—We cannot approve of tampering with tho stomachs of young people: and, of all the medicines prepared 1a the shops, pills are the; most absurd, if not the most injurious to their constitution.