Pistachia-Tree, or Pistacia terebinthus, L. is a native of Arabia, Persia, and Syria; where it grows to the height of 25 or 30 feet, and is cultivated on account of its fruit; which is imported into Europe, under the name of Pistachio nuts.

This tree being seldom propagated in Britain, on account of its delicate nature, and the great attention it requires, we shall only observe, that its fruit is of the size of pease; has an unctuous and pleasant taste, somewhat similar to that of almonds; and abounds, like these, with a sweet and palatable oil, which is obtained by expression.—Pistachio nuts are reputed to be wholesome and nutritive : hence, persons reduced by long illness, may eat them with advantage, in moderate quantities, provided such only food should not disagree, with their digestive organs.—These nuts pay, on importation, the sum of 3 1/2d. per lb. Pistol. See Gun and Firearms.