Root-Steamer, an useful machine, employed in America, for steaming potatoes, carrots, and other roots, with the view of feeding cattle ; and which, for the simplicity of its contrivance, and the facility with which vegetables may thus be prepared, deserves to be more generally known in Britain. We have therefore subjoined the following representation:

Root Steamer 35

The apparatus here delineated, consists of a brick-stove, in which a pot or kettle is fixed : over this boiles boiler is placed a hogshead or cask, the top of which is open (we believe it might with more advantage be covered with a coarse cloth) ; while the bottom is drilled with numerous holes, about one inch in diameter: so that the steam may freely pass through the roots. In this vessel, the potatoes, &.c. after being washed, are deposited ; and, when sufficiently steamed, they afford a more invigorating and fattening food to cattle, than in a raw state.