Cummin, or Cuminum Cy-minum, L. is an exotic annual plant, propagated in the Isle of Malta, for the sake of its seeds ; which, on importation, pay the duty of 8s. 0 4/5d. per cwt. - They have a bitterish warm taste, accompanied with 311 aromatic, but not agreeable, flavour ; and, though esteemed good carminatives, are seldom employed in medicine. An essential oil is obtained from them by distillation, possessing all the virtues of the seeds, and reputed to be a sovereign remedy in rheumatic cases. They are likewise employed externally, both in the form of a plaster and cataplasm. - Lastly, being exceedingly grateful to pigeons, avaricious proprietors of dove-cotes sometimes incorporate the seeds with a saline earth (see PiGEON-House, vol. iii. p. 378), in order to allure these birds; and thus stock their pigeon-houses, at the expence of their neighbours.