Diabetes, in farriery, denotes a profuse staling of horses: it is generally occasioned by too violent exercise, or by over-straining, etc. When this malady attacks old horses, or those of a weak con-stitution, it is seldom curable; because they rapidly lose their and appetite, grow feeble, exhibit a staring coat, and ultimately perish. On the contrary, young horses, subject to this ciisiase, may mostly be cured b\ frequent blood-letting, in small quantities; and the following decoction has often been administered with success. Take of Peruvian bark 4 oz.; Bistort and Tor-mentil-root, of each 2 oz.; boil these ingredients in two gallon lime-water, till one half be evaporated: a pint of this liquor be given three times being taken not to indulge the horse either with too much water, or moist food.