Dew-Berry Bush, or Ru-bus caesus, L. is an indigenous shrub, growing in woods and hedges, where its white prickly flowers appear in June or July, and are succeeded by dark-blue berries. - Although this shrub is one of the most troublesome on loamy soils, because its branches uncommonly spread over the surface of the ground, vet its sweet fruit imparts an agreeable flavour to home-made wines. - Nor are these berries less useful in the distillation of spirituous liquors; well as for dyeing unboiled of a fine blue colour : for this purpose, the expressed juice should be previously mixed with alum and copperas; but, on adding a small proportion of galls, the shade may be rendered much darker. - If this mice be combined, in a marble mortar, with the fourth part of lime, verdigrease and sal ammoniac, then suspended in bladders, it will form a purple pigment, which may beef service toartists -BohmeR states, that the dew-berry bush has been usefully employed in tanning leather.