Cyber. - Beside the different modes of fining cyder, already stated, we shall add the following recipes:

1. When the fermentation is nearly completed, let 2 or 3 quarts of neat cyder, or of French brandy, be mixed with 2oz. of pulverized alum, 3 lbs. of sugar candy, and 4 or 5oz. of stone-roll sulphur: to these ingredients a little cochineal may be added; and the whole, being tied up in a bag, should be suspended in a hogshead of cyder, till the liquor become perfectly clear and fit for use.

2. Beat up the whites of eight eggs, together with their shells, a bason ; mix with them two or three handfuls of bean-flour, finely sifted ; half a pint of spirit of wine; and a sufficient quantity of honey or molasses, so that the whole may form a thick liquid; which is to be stirred into a hogshead of racked cyder. - Having had no experience of either of these preparations, we can only recommend the latter, as being less expensive, and more conducive to health.