Sugar Candy, is the essential part of the saccharine matter formed into large crystals, by slowly evaporating the clarified syrup. The whole process is managed in strongly-heated chambers, by the aid of vessels containing numerous threads that intersect each other ; and which are fastened to the si in various directions. The sugar, thus treated, shoots into crystals around the threads ; and, according to its relative purity, the latter acquire a brown, yellow, or white colour. Sugar-candy is chiefly used in a pounded state, for sweetening coffee, and by persons labouring under hoarseness and coughs ; the violence of which it contributes to relieve, by lubricating the membranes, and promoting expectoration. Brown Sugar-candy pays, on importation, the sum of 31. 6d. per cwt. ; and the white sort is subject to the charge of 41.10s. 9d. per cwt.