Thread, a slender twist manufactured by combining the fibres of flax, hemp, cotton, silk; or other vegetable or animal substances ; the primary operation of which is called Spinning.

There are various kinds of this article, such as silk, linen, and cotton thread : the most extensive manufactory for the last mentioned sort, in this country, is established at Paisley, near Glasgow ; which, however, is inadequate to supply the market. - Hence, considerable quantities of this commodity are annually imported, and are subject to various duties. Thus, Bruges thread pays the sum of 10s. 10 1/2d. per doz. lbs.; Cross-bow thread, 16s. l 1/2d. per 100lbs. ; Outnal thread, 19s. 5 1/2d. per 12lbs.; Pack thread, 14s, 6 1/2d. for every 100lbs.; Sister's thread, 3s. per lb. ; and Whited-brown thread, 19s, 5 1/2d. per 12lbs. - By the 7 and 8 Will. III. C 39, any kind of linen-thread, yarn, etc. may be imported from Ireland, free of duty; provided the master of the vessel produce certificates, of the marks, numbers, etc. of the packages from the shipping-port, together with the names of the persons who exported them, and also of the consignees ; at the same time declaring upon oath, that such goods were actually shipped.