Silk, a fibrous production, partaking both of animal and vegetable nature : it is spontaneously drawn spun by the insect, which will be the object of the next article. In this place, therefore, we shall only remark, that the filaments manufactured by this admirable creature, are extremely fine, so that they cannot be employed for any texture, in a single state ; but, when combined or twisted together into several threads, by means of machinery, they form the strongest cords, or cloth, which is not only the most elegant, but also the most durable ; though it may be procured at a cheaper price, in propor-tion to its fine quality, than either linen, or cot ton. - Raw silk pays on importation (excepting that produced in the British colonies, America, which is duty-free), 3s. 3 3/4d. per pound ; but, the duty of wrought silk amounts nearly to a prohibition. - See also Stockings.