Food Of Plants. - In a select collection of " Memoirs, " lately published by the Free Society of Agriculture, Arts and Commerce, in the Department of Ar-denne, the following vegetative liquor is recommended for promoting the growth, as well as the flowering, of bulbous roots in apart-ments, during the winter. - Take 3 oz. of nitre ; 1 oz. of sea-salt; half an oz. of salt of tartar; half an oz. of sugar; and one pint of rain-water. Let the salts be gradually dissolved in a glazed earthen vessel; and, when the solution is completed, add the sugar, and fil-ter the whole. About eight drops of this liquid must be poured into every flower-glass filled with rain or river water: water : these vessels should be kept constantly full, and the water be renewed every 10th or 12th day; a similar portion of the vegetative liquor being added each time. In order to ensure success, the glasses ought to be placed on the corner of a chimney-piece, where a fire is regularly kept in cold seasons.