Flea-Locust, or Frog-hoppER, Cicada, L. is a genus of insects, comprehending 51 species, which are named chiefly from the trees they infest. Their beak is inflected, and the animals are provided with four wings.

The larvae of several species of the Frog-hopper discharge considerable quantities of frothy matter on the branches or leaves of those trees, on which they reside. This froth has been supposed, by naturalists, to be ejected with a view to secure these depredators against other insects, or to shelter them from the heat of the sun. Such excrement, however, presents a very disagreeable appearance ; and, as those vermin are highly detrimental to trees, by devouring the leaves, Mr. Forsyth directs them, to be destroyed, by rubbing off the larvae with the hand; after which the tree should be profusely washed with soft water.