Hawk-Moth, or Sphinx, L. is a genus of insects, comprising 165 species, ten of which are discovered in Britain, and variously named, according to the trees they infest.

The generality of hawk-moths spin their cods under ground, inter-weaving with their threads small particles of grain and earth. They appear either early in the morning, or after sun-set: their flight is slow, and often accompanied with a peculiar sound. The caterpillars of these insects are usually found rolled up in the leaves of trees ; some being green, and smooth ; others brown or yellow; again, others are spotted, and furnished with rings, or belts.

The most certain method of preventing the depredations of hawk-moths, consists in collecting the leaves they inhabit, and crushing the insects; after which the trees should be washed with a mixture of clear lime-water, and a deco6tion of tobacco leaves. Such cleansing will, according to Mr. FORSYTH, also be found an effectual remedy, when the moths arc in the state of larvae; having previously picked off and destroyed the caterpillars.