Sandarach, a gummy-resinous substance, exuding from an exotic species of the juniper-tree. It is imported in the form of small pieces or tears resembling pease, which are transparent; of a paleyellowish colour ; very brittle and inflammable; possessing a pungent aromatic taste, and emitting a fragrant odour when burnt.

Considerable quantities of this gum are consumed by varnish-makers, who dissolve it in the oils of turpentine, or linseed, or in spirit of wine, and thus prepare a kind of varnish, known under the •name of vernix, which is used by cabinet-makers and painters. Gum-sandarach is also pulverized and passed through a fine sieve; in which state it is called pounce ; and, when rubbed on paper, from which writing has been erased, it prevents the ink from spreading, when new characters are substituted. - This drug is subject, on importation, to the duty of 7s. 81/2d. per cwt.