Scammony, a concrete gummy-resinous juice obtained from the roots of the Convolvulus Scam-mionia, or Syrian Bindweed, an exotic plant, growing in Asiatic Turkey. - The best Scammony is imported from Aleppo, in light, spongy, friable masses, of a shining blackish ash-colour. It possesses a faint, unpleasant smell, and a bitterish, pungent taste.

In its medicinal effects, Scam-mony is an efficacious, but violent purgative ; but, if triturated with sugar, almonds, or gum-arabic, it becomes sufficiently mild, and safe in its operation. - It may also be dissolved in a strong decoction of liquorice, then decanted ; in which form it is not disagreeable to the palate, and proves a gentle laxative. - The common dose of Scam-mony is from three to twelve grains. - If accidentally too large a portion of this drastic medicine should have been swallowed, the most effectual antidotes will be copious draughts of mucilaginous preparations, or an immediate emetic. - This drug pays, on importation, 2s. 9d. per lb.