Stag, or Cervus Elaphus, L. an animal of chace, which is common in Britain, as well as in other parts of Europe, in the northern parts of Africa, It is of a with black spots on the a dark stripe in the direction the spine.

The stag is furnished with fine branching horns, which it gene-in the spring. The fe-male produces one, and sometimes two fawns, towards the end of May, or early in June, after a gestation of 40 weeks. These animals attain the age of 35 or 40 years; are remarkable for their quick eye, sagacious scent, and acute ear ; and, as they listen with delight to the sounds of the shepherd's pipe, this instrument has been successfully employed by hunters, for the purpose of decoying them.

The flesh of fawns is sweet and tender; but, when the stag advances in years, it acquires a strong and disagreeable flavour. Their most useful parts are, the skin and horns: the former being advan->usly manufactured into leather ; while the latter are convert-ed into handles for knives, or other instruments; and, on being dis-stilled, they yield a volatile spirit, which is of considerable use in medicine. - see also Hart's-hoRns.