Tamarind-Tree, or Tamorindus Indica, L. a native of the East and West Indies, of America, Arabia, and Egypt, where it attains the height of 30 or 40feet.

The fruit of this tree resembles a bean-pod; is eight inches in length ; and contains from 3 to 4 hard seeds, covered with a deep-brown viscid pulp, which is of a pleasant sub-acid taste. When taken in the quantity of from three drams to an ounce, this pulp proves a gentle laxative ; at the same time alleviates thirst; and mitigates immoderate heat. Farther, it increases the operation of manna, and similar sweet purgatives, while it weakens the action of the more drastic, and especially of resinous, drugs ; hence it forms an useful ingredient in various medicinal preparations. - Tamarinds pay, on importation, 2 1/2d. per lb.