Tench, or Cyprinus tinca, L. a British fish which delights in still waters; being seldom found in rivers. Its back is of a dusky colour; the head, sides, and belly, of a greenish cast, beautifully variegated with a golden hue, that exhibits the greatest lustre, when the fish is in its highest perfection. The body of this fish, in proportion to its length, is thick and short: it commonly weighs about 4lb. though sometimes amounts to 10, or even 20lbs.

Although the Tench was not much esteemed by the ancients, yet at present it is considered palatable food ; and, in point of flavour, equal to that of Carp, if caught from clear waters, their flesh is much superior to those occasionally inhabiting muddy places.

Tench is a simple fish, and is easily taken : the method of angling for it, differs in no material respect, from that for Carp, but the hooks and lines should be rather finer; and the sportsman may either use leads or floats, accordingly as the water happens to be more or less obstructed by weeds. - See the article Carp.