Tolu, or Balsam of Tolu, all esteemed drug which is obtained from the Toluifera balsamum-, L. a native of South-America, whence it is imported in small gourd-shells.

This balsam is of a transparent, reddish-brown or yellow colour; of a thick, tenacious consistence; and acquires such a degree of brittleness by age, that it may be easily reduced to powder. It possesses a very fragrant odour, slightly resembling that of lemons ; and has a warm, sweetish taste. - The virtues of this drug correspond with those of the Peruvian Balsam ; but it is much milder than the latter, and therefore more frequently employed in affections of the lungs and chest, especially when combined with a decoction of white poppies, and the syrup either of marsh-mallows or pale roses.