Vives, in farriery, a disorder affecting horses, and which differs from the strangles only in this respect, that the tumors in the former do not suppurate; and may therefore be dispersed by covering the diseased animal with blankets; by rubbing the tumefied part with the ointment of marsh-mallow ; by moderate blood-letting, when a plethoric habit requires it; and giving one or two gentle purgatives (see vol. ii. p. 489). But, if these remedies fail to remove the inflammation, it will be necessary to promote a suppuration, and to adopt the treatment stated in the article Strangles.

Vives appearing in old horses, indicate an internal decay, which no medicines can remove; or are symptomatic of the Glanders : in the latter case, the animals must be treated in the manner pointed out vol. ii. pp. 372-73.