Warts, are small, hard, indolent excrescences, or tumors, that have a rough surface, and appear principally on the face and hands of young persons ; though sometimes settling on other parts of the body. But, if such deformities occur in, individuals advanced in years, and are of a livid hue, with a smooth surface, they frequently become cancers, and ought to be treated in a similar manner. Warts do not, in general, require immediate attention : for, unless painful or troublesome, they will, in most cases, gradually disappear. Where, however, they increase in size, and are attended with pain, it will be proper to remove them by a ligature. Another method of ex tirpating them is by evulsion, or plucking them out; but such practice is by no means to be recommended ; as the warts speedily return. A preferable mode of eradicating them, is by the application of escharotics, or mild cauteries; for instance, crude sal ammoniac, which must be moistened with water, and rubbed on the tumors, two or three times everyday; or wetting them with the liquid salt of tartar; spirit of hartshorn, or tincture of Spanish flies; either of which has been successfully employed for this purpose. - Another mode of exterminating warts, as well as corns, has been recommended by the following plaster : Dissolve 1 oz. of gum galbanum in vinegar; evaporate the solution to a proper consistence; and add half an ounce of common tar, 2 drams of simple diachylon plaster, 20 grains of verdigrease, and an equal portion of sal ammoniac : let the two last ingredients be finely pulverized, and the whole be duly incorporated. Previously to its application, the warts ought to be well rubbed with moistened soap, again dried, and the plaster renewed every 12 hours. In obstinate cases, however, it will be necessary to resort to internal remedies, and to change the milk-diet of children, by allowing them a greater proportion of animal food.