French Percussion Flare

Used only in small quantities, fired from one-and-one-half Very pistol. Ignited upon coming in contact with earth. Burned for a period of from 30 to 40 seconds.

P. Bomb

Contained 1 pound of amorphous phosphorus in a tin container. Exploded by detonating cap. Produced a very dense smoke. Used in "mopping up."

Brown Puff Signal

Used by British for daylight signaling. Visible to a considerable distance.

Anti-Aircraft Rocket

In British experiments attained height of 8,000 feet. Garnished with flare reflecting light upward against aeroplanes. Difficulty with reflector.

Magnesium Meteor Rocket

Range of 1,100 feet. Light to pierce mist or fog.

Signal Marron

Held 390 grams of black powder. Used by men on signal post for attracting attention to signals by detonation.

Flash Marron

Made by the French from a mixture of gunpowder and aluminum (powdered). Intended to confuse enemy by imitating effect of their range-finding shell.

Gaba Cartridge

Made by the French to be fired from a special gun. Carried mixtures for either light or smoke to be used in signaling by infantry and aircraft.

Caterpillar Cartridge

Seven flares attached to parachute in cast-iron tube. Fired from gun.

Coston Night Signaling Lights

Made in nine models by the French. Various colors or combinations of colors.

Ehrmann Perdu System, Type B, Warning Lights

Used for revealing approach of the enemy at night. Successfully employed near wire entanglements. Consisted of tube in which a Bickford fuse was attached to a string so that at an alarm a pull ignited the piece and disclosed the enemy.

Glare Gun

Used by British for firing messages. Range of 800 yards. Flare attached to the projectile ignited after 300 yards. Continued to burn until it struck the ground. Was used as substitute for a chain of runners, as when the gun was once set, messages could be delivered at the same place very handily, since one man could carry gun and 10 projectiles easily.

British Photographic Bomb

Emitted light to illuminate one mile in diameter for instantaneous photographing. Duration two-fifths of a second. In effect a giant flashlight powder.

Multiple Smoke Trail

Consisted of seven yellow and seven purple smoke trails.

Cibie Light

Lamp with revolver handle and trigger, using acetylene or electricity. Employed by French for aeroplane landing, etc.