Freckles are the despair of blondes, and even of brunettes with fair skins. Some physicians attribute them to too much iron in the blood, and think that they may arise from the abuse of iron tonics. Others say that they indicate a delicate constitution and feeble circulation.

They may sometimes be prevented by a few very simple precautions. The following mixture has been used with success: One part of tincture of iodine to three parts of glycerine, applied to the freckles before going to bed.

Another remedy is the following: Take one-half pint of oil of turpentine; dissolve in it seven grammes of pulverized camphor; add two grammes of oil of sweet almonds.

The following is another excellent remedy : Twenty-eight grammes of crushed camphor and 112 grammes of pure olive oil. Let the camphor dissolve slowly in the oil.

Applications of buttermilk are also excellent here, as in the case of sunburn.

The following remedies are also recommended : In twenty centigrammes of rose water dissolve sixteen centigrammes of borax:

Fresh beans, boiled in water, crushed and applied as a poultice on the freckles, will produce excellent effects.

Make a mixture of vinegar, lemon-juice, alcohol, oil of lavender, oil of rose, oil of cedar, and distilled water. Apply to the freckles on retiring, and wash the face in soft water next morning.

Two parts of sugar of watercress to one of honey is highly recommended for removing both large and small freckles. Strain through a cloth and apply morning and night.