There are few women who are not more or less sufferers from attacks of headache ; many men are never troubled in this way. Women not only are more subject to this affection, but they also suffer more severely. Intensity of pain depends greatly upon the susceptibility, the capacity for suffering on the part of the individual. It is only by poetical license that it can be said, an insect crushed feels the pangs of a dying giant. The delicate sensibility of woman imposes upon her greater suffering from the same amount of pain.

The headaches peculiar to the female sex are very numerous. In men, late hours, improper food or habits of eating, dissipation, excessive or prolonged mental toil, business anxieties, and want of exercise, are the principal causes of headache. In women, exposure to the night air while thinly clad, tight lacing, a too sedentary, indoor life, imprudence at the monthly epochs, and family cares, are the main influences which induce it.