Between the covers of "Football for Player and Spectator" the author has endeavored to gather from his experience as a player and a coach the advice which is best suited to the needs of the young men in high schools, preparatory schools and colleges who desire to participate in the greatest of all the competitive athletic sports.

Preface 1

Acting on the principle that example is, after all, the very best teacher, an endeavor has been made to thoroughly illustrate the various positions, plays and formations, the photographs from which the reproductions have been taken being posed with this especial end in view.

As the title of the work implies, the book aims also to make the game plain to the spectator who may not have enjoyed the advantage of close acquaintance afforded the man who has taken an active part in the play on the field.

Above all, however, should a perusal of the work give the reader, be he player or spectator, an adequate idea of the spirit in which the game is both played and viewed in its best form, the author will feel adequately rewarded for his labor:

F. H. Yost.