No man ever made a success of anything unless his heart was in it. The wall street magnate loves his game on the stock exchange. The merchant king is inspired with a devotion to business. The great politician would go insane if it were not for his world of excitement and the opportunity which his field affords to give vent to his hobby. No lawyer or doctor ever approached the top of the ladder in his profession who did not have an enthusiasm in himself, constantly urging him higher. Likewise, no man can be a football player who does not love the game. Half-heartedness or lack of earnestness will eliminate any man from a football team. The love of the game must be genuine. It is not devotion to a fad that makes men play football; it is because they enjoy their struggle.

A prominent factor of success is the loyalty that the player must feel to his university or college. It is the inspiration that makes him do his utmost for the success of the team. His own individuality should be entirely sunken in what will redound most to the good of his Alma Mater. It is the spirit of loyalty and enthusiasm for the general cause that has made the American soldiers successful on so many battle-fields, and to this sentiment is due the successive victories of the Japanese over the Russians. The fire of loyalty is the greatest influence to animate a man in football as well as in any other form of competition.

Requirements Of The Individual

general knowl. Lastly, the aspirant must master all the EDGE of the GAME fundamentals of the game. The man who cannot start, catch, pass, tackle, block and interfere is not a real football player. There is no telling at what moment he may be called upon to use his versatility to save or to win the game. A championship contest may easily depend on whether one individual can catch a punt, tackle a runner, block an opposing player or interfere properly for his own team mate.

The requirements of the individual may seem numerous, but they are important, and the man who comes nearest to these ideals is the one who is going to make the greatest player.

Illustrating how to plunge through the line.

Illustrating how to plunge through the line.