In a certain sense a player must lose his individuality and make himself a component member of his team. With the proper spirit of sacrifice in all its members, the team becomes harmonious. No man sinks more of his individuality than another, and any man who is to become a football player must be willing to sacrifice as much as any of his comrades. A young man may think that he is being deprived of so-called pleasures when he submits to the training rules necessary to make him a football player, but, as has been fully explained elsewhere, nothing is taken away from him that would do him any good. In football training he is simply following out directions which the best physicians in the land would advise as the proper method of living. Hence it ought not to be considered a sacrifice. Anything a man absolutely needs should be given him. The subtraction of necessities would be a sacrifice. The elimination of luxuries and pleasures is one that helps to build men up, not tear them down.