How often do we see a team continually making the same mistakes in game after game! Mistakes in generalship, mistakes in the work of the individuals show themselves with a frequency that is almost inexplicable.

Often the apportionment of the work among the individuals has been poorly done and advantage has not been taken in the games of the opportunities given under the rules, such as carrying the ball out of bounds when being downed near the sideline, or touching the ball as it is about to roll out of bounds on a punt and making the opponents take it for scrimmage within a yard of the sideline, instead of being permitted to carry it in for 15 yards. Many other instances could be noted in which similar cases of poor teaching crop out in the work of an eleven.

To remedy such faults should be the earnest aim of the coach, and he should lose no opportunity.

All or nearly all the schools and colleges which support -football teams have a training table where the players assemble at meal time. Every evening after dinner is finished at least 30 minutes should be spent in conversation that has a direct bearing on the preparation of the men for their duties in the field. This time is usually wasted if the players leave training quarters immediately after the meal is finished. It can be made of much benefit to the men, however, and at the same time will not interfere to any appreciable extent with their study hours.

It is well that the work of each evening be systematized. The great benefit to be derived from what is advised in this chapter is that the players themselves are required to do much of the thinking. In thinking over the game with the idea of criticising it, the men will be much impressed and better prepared for the future.