The time for the preparation of the individual parts of the team is the first week or ten days of training. Persistence and patience ought to show the general abilities of the men in this period and enable the coach to select very nearly the places they can play on the team. The earlier the choice of a team can be made, the greater will be its perfection in the season's height. This preparation period ought to be free from any work such as regular scrimmage, in which the men may be injured. To get into fair condition should be the first general aim. Passing the ball. starting, kicking, catching and the work in squads of four, together with other work given under "Rudiments" in this bock, will develop and harden players till their first scrimmage is without danger. Still, even this same easy-going program of daily drills, unless carefully watched, can be pushed beyond the limits of the best team's endurance. The distribution of preliminary work is very like the plan of campaign - a matter of discovering the needs of the individual. It is especially advisable to keep men who are slow on their feet working hard at starting practice and those who handle passes poorly busy at kicking and punting.