On Thursday evening especial attention can be given to the work of the captain and quarter back of the team. This should consist of talks and questions on plays and generalship. Above all others, these men should know the rules correctly and perfectly.

Written questions and answers may be taken up early in the season, but later the work should be oral, as the men must learn to know the rules and just what commands to give instantly in the games.

The character of the questions should be such as will meet the needs of the men who are being developed. This can easily be done by watching the men in their work both in practice and in games. No two football players are exactly alike. Much less can two complete elevens be found with identical team characteristics. The captain and quarter back must study the individuality of every man on the team and must know just what he can do. A yard is a long distance when it stretches between the ball and the opponents' goal on the third down, and it requires generalship to direct the play so that those three feet of space can be negotiated. To know when and how to make the best possible use of the material at hand is to solve a big problem.